The Marketing Technologist #growthhacker

There is a thin line between marketing and technology which resulted in the birth of Simboti Tech. Why do we call ourselves marketing technologist? Marketing is increasingly about designing and delivering customer experiences, and software is the digital clay we use to sculpt them This not a common term in South Africa but we believe this is the future

Of course, marketing and IT should work together. Marketing must adhere to IT governance as much as it does financial governance. Security, regulatory requirements, business continuity, integration with the rest of a companys IT systems, etc., are all important facets of good technology management. Marketing cannot be a rogue state.

But if marketing doesnt really understand technology and IT doesnt really understand marketing then their collaboration can all too easily look like this: Marketing asks for faster horses. IT gives them faster horses. The automobile passes both of them by.

Other things being equal,IT will seek to minimize costs and risks in technology purchases. Thats a valuable perspective but its not the only one that matters. Customer experience matters. Marketing performance matters. And the software that is the cheapest or easiest to buy may not be the most effective for marketings purpose.

Marketing must have a strong enough grasp of technology to advocate for the software to achieve its goals and, more importantly, to be able to apply it effectively when they get it. But how do we get there from here, if marketingdoesnthave those capabilities today?

The best path Ive seen is for marketing and IT to embrace a class of hybrid professionals calledmarketing technologists. These are people with expertise in both marketing and technology, and they fluidly intermingle the two disciplines.

Marketing Technologist

Marketing technologist serve the mission of smartly applying technology in the pursuit of brilliantly effective marketing.

Whether you love or hate the term growth hacker, thats an apt phrase for some of the best work that marketing technologists do.

At Simboti Tech we offer you solutions that are marketing driven. We strive on delighting our clients and creating long term relationships

Below is a list of our solutions

  • Social media marketing
  • Web design
  • Software development
  • mobile application development

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