DIVI VS SALIENT: Which theme is better?

DIVI VS SALIENT: Which theme is better?

As I ventured into web design since WordPress was released, I realized how it could become a passion, I wanted to specialize in a one of the best themes, and I didn’t know where to start. There are millions of themes out there With WordPress, we get many topic choices to browse, however I chop down my own choices to just two of them. They are available to everyone keen on making sites, web blogs, introductions places or portfolios, are exceptionally adaptable and require no abilities in coding.

Divi theme 

The Divi theme, powered by the Divi Page Builder, puts the power of creating sophisticated and powerful websites in your hands. Elegant Theme wanted to make a page builder that would allow users to have total control over the appearance of without having to write any code. You don’t have to fool around with PHP or Javascript, or debugging code. If you’ve never designed a website before, you’ll become best friends with the Divi theme fast.

That’s not what makes Divi one of the best themes though. Divi has been around since 2013, and is built and supported by the renowned Elegant Themes team who don’t cut corners. And because DIVI is used on over one million websites today, and is Elegant Themes flagship theme, you can be sure they will continue supporting the Divi theme as their top priority for the long term.

Another reason Divi sites are more stable than others is because Divi is both a Theme and Page Builder. Most themes and page builder plugins operate as independent elements of your site,  however their functionality oftentimes overlapping when it comes to assigning fonts, styles, colors, and layout of your site content. This overlap in the function of a sites Theme and Page Builder often causes conflicts and issues. However, since the DIVI theme integrates these two elements together, you don’t run into these common conflicts and issues.

DIVI is a stable and multipurpose responsive theme that’s free from all the bugs of many other powerful WordPress themes.  It’s a premium theme, so you will have to pay for a license, however they offer a lifetime license option so you can just pay once to ensure you’ll get updates and support for life!




The guys behind the Salient theme were not exactly subtle when coming up with a name. They knew their theme would turn a few heads, so why not call it Salient? It is immediately noticeable, has all the features you’d want in WordPress themes, and most importantly of all it is easy to use. It is one of the most stable WordPress themes with a huge options panel that includes the ability to style buttons, form styling, and what’s going to be a favorite for most online business owners, the ability to style their Call to Action buttons. How cool is that? You can also toggle page animations and transitions on or off, as well as getting access to a handy drag and drop page builder provided through the Salient Visual Composer plugin. Basically, Salient has all the good stuff every a stable WordPress theme has. What makes Salient an attractive theme is its portfolio custom post type. For folks looking to get in on the services market, having a rocking portfolio can be the difference between a continuous flow of gigs and broke town. Salient’s portfolio custom post helps you create a stunning portfolio quickly, regardless of your service industry.


So far these are the best themes I could discover, and I’ve done a considerable lot of research. Eventually everything comes down to issues of taste and needs since they both competitive web designing tools. They are both versatile on all sorts of domains, but Divi is easier to use, more user-friendly and runs more smoothly (at least for me), without overcharging the processor.



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