Covid19 impact on digital marketing in South Africa

Covid19 has really shaken up the digital marketing in South Africa, If digital marketers thought they had a lot of work before, they have no idea how much harder this will become; people are bored at home, so they will want more content that is still of high quality, It is important to understand how the industry will be affected. Marketers need to remain relevant to stay up the game.

Look through the panic to see the opportunities.

We may be practicing social distancing physically but more than ever we are using mobile to remain connected. Instead of being stressed because of the way things are changing, it is time for marketers to keep their heads up, use this opportunity to shine and look for alternative ways to better your online presence. We understand change is scary, but it’s also full of opportunities.

Embrace the change and adapt quickly to grow, after this outbreak consumers might change the way of doing things, e.g. E-commerce will become more popular than before if your brand doesn’t have it you are in trouble. Online shopping is a lot easier and working remotely means people get to be more productive.

Use this time to understand your customers and engage with them. Social media is the tool to use as a brand to foster meaningful relationships that will last beyond the lockdown. Tips on how to create content that will help you build a sustainable relationship with customers. The audience now spends more time online than ever before desperate for good and positive news.

  • Share relevant news like why it is very important to curb the epidemic, most don’t seem to understand why the government enforced lockdown. The lockdown is inconvenient but effective, and consumers want to feel cared for by their favorite brands while being in self-isolation.
  • Identify new innovation opportunities to create value and support customers. Understand how your systems and technology can assist your customers in this time of uncertain times. Start making use of new and innovative ways to reach their audiences.
  • Collaborate with your brand family give them space to share their stories (User-generated content).

By doing all these it simply means showing that you value and care about people. People will remember brands that did good in time it mattered most.

Measuring marketing at the moment 

Marketers are challenged to meet the consumers’ expectations for personalized engagement. “Brands and retailers have not yet closed the gap between consumer insight and shopper action and are, therefore, missing opportunities to respond in the moment of consumer need to influence purchase decisions, grow loyalty and improve engagement,” said Dave Murray of the CMO Council.

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Marketing persona / content marketing is about association. You need eye catching stories, acquire individuals, and have a solid effect. However, how would you do that successfully? As opposed to mainstream thinking, great content marketing doesn’t begin with a smart thought (stunner, I know). It begins with understanding who you’re attempting to reach through your content. That is the reason you need marketing personas.

These straightforward tools are the key to recounting stories that reverberate and making connections that last.

Why Every Content Team Needs Marketing Personas

As per the OnBrand 2017 State of Branding Report, only 47% of respondents said their strategy included a profound understanding of promoting personas. This isn’t surprising. Numerous individuals have content marketing in reverse.

Regularly, advertisers vet their story thoughts by asking, “Would I be keen on this?” This is a huge mistake. Content Marketing isn’t about what your image needs or what you’re interested in. It’s about what the individuals you’re attempting to reach are interested in.

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There are several ways you could optimize your images for better performance and usability. WordPress is not a champ regarding image manipulation; although you can tweak images once uploaded you can’t control the process, and there are several automated things that are not ideal and should be modified.

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The concept of marketing has been long present in our lives, ever since the days when people began selling stuff that they didn’t need. The flow of time brought new concepts and tools that caught people’s attention. And these new ideas have been utilized to increase the effectiveness of marketing techniques.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been such an idea in recent times. However, AI is so much more than just an Idea. It is the way forward for us. Artificial intelligence has started a revolution in our midst that is only just beginning.

“We’re still at the dawn of AI adoption,” -Jean-Luc Chatelain, CTO at Accenture Analytics

But there is no denying that artificial intelligence and machine learning has already had a significant impact on marketing and on marketers. The introduction of AI has changed the rule of the game. Using AI, the drastic increase is possible in the effectiveness in marketing techniques.

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